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Sex therapy

Sex is a vulnerable topic often shrouded in misinformation and judgment. Whether you have a specific issue you want to work through with a partner, or you just want to explore sexual concerns with a competent, compassionate professional,  I can help.

Relationship Repair

Emotional bonds lie at the heart of intimacy. They are disrupted by a combination of injury and neglect. If your relationship has been affected by infidelity, addiction, or just good old-fashioned busy-ness, I am here to help you reconnect.

Breakups and Divorce

Breakups at any stage are painful, but I believe they can also be springboards into enormous spiritual growth. Whether you’re calling it quits after 10 dates, 10 months, or 10 years, I am here to help you on the road to regaining peace and clarity.

Trauma, Grief, & Loss

When loving together, losing together is unavoidable.  One unspoken dimension of trauma & loss is the impact it has on our ability to get intimate and sexual needs met. I help couples hold fast in the wake of life’s greatest challenges.

Intentional Dating

In our modern culture, dating has never been more important…or more difficult! Whether you’re back on the hunt after a long hiatus or dipping your toe in the dating pool for the first time, I can help you date with clarity, purpose, and passion.

Discernment Services

Should you stay or should you go? If you’re on the fence about your relationship and unsure if you want to invest in couples therapy, discernment counseling is for you. I help couples commit themselves to relational health or separate with integrity.

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